Outdoor Water Fountains

Adding an outdoor water feature to your backyard or landscape is easier than you think.   Soothing Walls offers a vast collection of beautiful water fountains that will not only beautify your home but also bring relaxation and peace to your surroundings.  Click below for a list of our top selling outdoor water fountains...


When it comes to adding elegance to your homestead, few decorations can compare to luxurious feel presented by the addition of a large outdoor water fountain.  These stunning water features have stood the test of time with fountains remaining a hot décor item for the last thousand years.  Whether you are looking for a relaxing place to entertain or just somewhere to watch the birds bathe, a large outdoor fountain can be the perfect addition to your backyard.  Below are ten of the most popular fountains from Soothing Walls:

Caterina Water Fountain in Basin


The Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin comes in. sturdy reinforced cast stone concrete design that is able to withstand a lifetime of use.  This American made water feature can operate on any standard 110V electrical outlet, making it ideal for most homes.  This unit stands 55" x 82" and no plumbing is required for installation.  A fountain cover comes optional as well.

Cavalli Fountain in Fiore Pond 


The Cavalli Fountain with Pond radiates elegance from your courtyard.  This large outdoor fountain is the perfect addition to any yard and the relaxing vibes created by this unit are undeniable.  This unit is available in a variety of different color and finishes including vintage stone.  This water feature stands 86" tall and has a width of 99 1/2" making it th3 ideal centerpiece for your home.

X3 Outdoor Wall Fountain


The American made X3 Garden Wall Fountain can transform an unused space in your yard into a peaceful relaxation zone.  The modern design features a cast stone concrete construction that is designed to last years and there is a wide selection of colors to choose from. You are sure to get the feel you desire with this unique water feature.

Estancia Outdoor Wall Fountain 


The Estancia Outdoor Wall Fountain combines elegance with purpose.  This unit is the perfect way to spruce up an unused area of your home.  This durable water feature can operate from any standard 110V outlet making it easy to install. This unit stands 58" tall with a total width of 26.25".  You can choose the finish and color that best suits your décor needs.

Pioggia Fountain with Fiore Pond


When it comes to making a luxurious statement, few water features can compare to the stunning Pioggia Fountain with Fire Pool.  This traditional multi-tier design is perfect for taking your décor to the next level.  Your guests will be sure to appreciate the pure majesty of this item.  This fountain stands at an impressive 91" tall with a width of 99".  Lighting is not included but available upon request.

Double Oblique With Ball Outdoor Fountain


The Double Oblique with Ball Garden Fountain is the epitome of modern water décor.  This unit features an unmistakable design that is sure to spark the interests of your guests.  This unit is constructed from glass fiber reinforced concrete, giving it more resilience and a longer lifespan than most fountains.  This unit includes. 1-year warranty with purchase as well.

Linear Outdoor Fountain


The Liner Outdoor Fountain provides you with a sleek modern design combined with a more reliable glass fiber reinforced concrete frame. This unit is sure to add personality to your yard or patio.  This water feature is available in a plethora of colors and finishes to match your décor and a 1-year limited warranty is included with purchase.

San Pietro Outdoor Fountain


The San Pietro Outdoor Water Fountain requires no plumbing for installation.  This unique water feature can be the perfect way to add some tranquility to your patio or yard.  Each unit is hand finished making each fountain its own work of art.  This unit is available in several colors to meet your decorative needs. 

Large Giorona Garden Fountain


The Large Girona Garden Fountain features a unique half bowl design that is sure to capture the imagination of all who see this water fountain.  This is the perfect unit to add a little Zen to your living space.  The rigged and textured surfaces add character to this stunning water feature and because of its unique shape, there is very little splash resulting from its operation.

Navonna Outdoor Fountain with Pool


The Navonna Outdoor Fountain with Pool stands 39" tall with a total weight of 946 lbs.  This stunning water feature doesn't require additional plumbing for installation and it can operate on any 110V outlet.  This unit has some unique finishes including Alpine Stone.  This is the perfect fountain for someone looking to add a touch of elegance to their yard or patio.