Corner Outdoor Fountains

Despite their name, you certainly do not need to have two joining walls to appreciate the beauty of corner outdoor fountains in your own space. If you have an actual corner then they will certainly nestle nicely into place. However, the beauty of these unique pieces of art is that they offer the illusion of a corner, making them ideal to use to create a head-turning visual display.


One of the greatest benefits of corner water features is they can be used to breathe life into an awkward space. Perhaps there is part of your deck or patio that you do not really put to use because even if you put a chair there, no one would sit in it because it is too far from the rest of the furniture. You may as well make sure of this valuable space somehow. A corner water element can be placed there and not only will it become a strong focal point, it will be completely out-of-the-way of foot traffic.

Create a Corner

These artistic pieces can be placed anywhere. Although they are popular on a patio, they can create a very interesting display elsewhere. If you want to add a little definition to your property in the front yard, use one of these pieces and then plant shrubs on either side or flowers at the base. You may also want to check out our Stone Courtyard Cascade from Al's Garden Art that doubles as a planter. This would be an elegant standalone piece in your front yard or a beautiful complement to a large flower garden. Plus, since it comes in more than 30 finishes, you will have no problem finding one that will exactly match or nicely complement the exterior of your home.

Corner water features are especially ideal if you want to outline your property line between you and a neighbor. There will be no guessing where the imaginary lawn mowing line is all summer when one of these pieces is positioned properly.

You may want to have an idea of where you want to place one of these water features before you start browsing the selection so you can narrow down your choices. Of course, when you see what we have available, one might just spark an idea. We have some that offer a classic appeal, and we also have those that look incredibly natural, like our Medium Corner Courtyard Fountain. This is one that will look stunning anywhere, and since it is crafted from cast stone, you know it is made to last for many years.