Glass Outdoor Fountains

It is common to feel a little nervous about using art pieces made of glass when decorating your outdoor living space. However, the glass outdoor fountains we have available here at Soothing Walls are every bit as durable as the windows you have at home. These are solid and stable pieces, so once there is water inside, they are not going anywhere, not even when the winds pick up a little during a storm.


Glass is Practical

Garden glass water features are not only more durable than you might expect, they are one of the most versatile styles you can decorate with. Glass can complement nearly any color palette or theme. This means that there is a good chance that you won't have to worry whether it will match your living space or not.

This is ideal if you like to change your color scheme every year, or if you have patterned furniture, rugs, or pillows. For example, our 6' Black Onyx Gardenfall with Clear Glass Floor Fountain is simple enough to match nearly any space yet bold enough to create a focal point. When the sun's rays kiss the water and glass they create a kaleidoscope of colors for a truly magical display.

We also carry an extensive selection of mirror water features. Similar to glass, mirror can complement an array of environments. Their modern appeal even has the ability to create a more contemporary atmosphere, even with simple or super budget-friendly furniture. Mirror adds depth to a space, so a very small deck would greatly benefit from the presence of one of these pieces. Just like glass, colors will dance when the sun's rays touch it. This will create an intoxicating display while filling the air with positive energy.

Since you don't see glass or mirror water features used all that often in outdoor decorating, you will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. Just imagine the look on the fact of your guests when they stop by and see a dynamic piece of art that they would expect to find indoors. If you really want to impress, look at the 90" styles we have here at Soothing Walls. Our 7.5' Stainless Gardenfall with Silver Mirror Floor Fountain is one that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who crosses its path. If you want to bring a unique and beautiful element to your outdoor living space, consider one of the glass or mirror varieties we have in stock.