Large Floor Fountains

Large floor fountains add a touch of elegance to your home or business. They add comfort by humidifying dry indoor air. The soothing sound of a fountain’s water creates unobtrusive background noise. A floor fountain in an entryway or lobby is a natural focal point around which quests can gather.



Q. I need help setting up the fountain. Do you have technicians who can install my fountain?

A. We don’t have technicians to help with installation. Most of our water features can be installed by home owners with the included instructions. Some clients will hire a handyman to install their indoor water feature if they do not want to do it themselves.

Q. Is it safe for my pets to drink from the fountain?

A. As long as the water in the fountain is fresh and free of additives, it’s safe for pets. If pets drink from your fountain, you may need to take extra care to keep the water clear of their hair and dander.

Q. Will a floor fountain harm the finish on my floors?

A. Our fountains are safe for indoor use. The water is contained and will remain within the fountain. You should carefully choose the placement of your water feature, however, since pets or people interacting with the fountain could cause water to splash the floor.

Q. Do I need an electrician to install a special outlet for my fountain?

A. Our fountains use standard electrical outlets. We recommend placing floor fountains near an outlet.

Versatile by Design

Our fountains are handmade and may feature glass, metal, acrylic or natural elements such as slate. Some models include a choice of materials.

Unlike wall fountains, a floor fountain is freestanding. A floor feature doesn’t require an open wall for installation. You can place one in the middle of a room or in front of a window.

Lights in our fountains add shimmering illumination. Many of our water fountains include adjustable, pre-programmed lighting that can be set to match a mood, season or time of day.

Some large floor fountains include the option of an ethanol burner. This feature creates the look of a burning fire. Choose one of these fountains for an ambiance that glows with warmth.

Trouble-Free Installation

Setting up a fountain is easy. Most of our large water fountains have one or more panels attached to a base. The base contains the water reservoir and may have room for rocks or other types of decorative elements.

Our fountains work with a reservoir and pump. The pumps are powered with electricity and use a standard outlet. Water recirculates through the system. Our fountains do not require a water line.

Because large pieces are heavy, you may require the assistance of a contractor to place and set up a fountain.

Whatever your preference, we have a fountain that will coordinate with your space. We can even customize your fountain by adding a logo of your choice.