Marble Wall Fountains

It is very hard to resist the cool beauty of marble. Marble wall fountains are stylish and meant to accentuate your home or office.The best thing about marble wall water fountains is that you can use them both as indoors and outdoors water features. You also have the choice of vertical or horizontal marble wall water features; therefore, it is recommended that you decide where you want to locate your water element, based on the length of your wall and ceiling height. High ceilings are better off with vertical fountains while wide walls with average ceiling height go better with horizontal fountain.


Q: What is the optional stone selection ?

A: No two stones are alike as they are all natural and unique. The stone selection allows you to see images of 5 stones available in our warehouse and you can choose the one you want from those available. If you do not choose the stone selection you will receive the next stone available.

Q: Can I add a logo to my fountain?

A: Yes you can add a logo to most fountains. Please contact customer service for additional information.

Q: Do need a special electrical outlet to plug my Marble wall water fountain into?

A: No you do not need a special outlet. Any standard plugin will work.

Q: Do I need to have a water line to hook my Marble wall fountain up to?

A: No all of our fountains are self-contained. A water line can be added to some of the larger fountains. Please contact Customer services for additional information.

Q: Will a marble wall fountain be too heavy for my wall?

A: No, your Marble wall fountain will be perfectly safe on a standard sheet rock wall with wood studs. Each Marble Wall fountain includes the necessary hardware for installing on a standard wall with wood studs. If you are installing your fountain on something different such as tile, stone or a wall with metal studs you will need to purchase the appropriate anchors and screws from a hardware store.

Adagio wall fountains, in particular, add a special touch to your space. Available in a variety of colors like spider black marble, rainforest brown and green marble, apart from the solid slate and feather stone slate. Copper or stainless steel highlights the marble stone face in the water element.

If you are planning on additional décor around your water element, then that must also be taken into account. Adagio’s Inspiration Falls, Cottonwood Falls and Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain are crafted from high quality materials and are easy to assemble. The built in lighting further enhances the beautiful colors of these stones as the water flows over them.