Outdoor Fountains with Pools

It is hard to find any art that can create the same powerful presence that outdoor fountains with pools offer. There is just something about seeing a body of water created by the cascading flow that really turns the charm of a piece up a notch. If you are like many others, when you think of this type of water feature you picture one of significant size, worthy of being showcased in the courtyard of a castle or palace. Well, while we do carry these show-stopping pieces we also offer those that are smaller and a bit more affordable as well.


Unlike a traditional pond or pool, you do not have to worry about the pool on these fountains becoming infested with mosquitoes. Standing water has the opportunity to become stagnant and is very inviting to mosquitoes and other bugs. Since the water features with pools that we have here at Soothing Walls have such fantastic pumps, the water is constantly flowing. This will keep them clean longer too, so you do not have to be concerned about your pets helping themselves to a drink from time to time.

Highlight a Large Space

If you have a spacious area of your landscaping that is beckoning for a piece of art that will attract attention from the road then you will love the large styles we have here. Take for example, our Grande Palazzo Fluted Fountain; this is one worthy of being showcased against exquisite Roman architecture, so just imagine what it will do for your property.

Consider Untraditional Styles

Most people associate these outdoor water features with a tiered design and a round pool. However, in recent years, manufactures have started creating these pieces of art with a little more diversity. First, not all the pools are round anymore. We have some that are square, scalloped, octagon, and other unique shapes. So, if you want to break away from a traditional look, these may be for you.

Also, although many boast a simple, classic styling with strong architectural lines, our selection goes far beyond the predictable. Here at Soothing Walls we have some with intricate carvings, geometric shapes and even animals. In some, the water cascades from the top while on others it pours from spouts. There are even some where the water begins like a bubbling brook at the top; our Small Mall Planter Fountain is a stunning example.

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