Slate Floor Fountains

If you want to create a dynamic focal point with a natural element then the sound and visual appeal provided by slate floor fountains is unparalleled. These gorgeous pieces of art have been made for a long time, but only in recent years has the selection exploded. Although the earlier basic ones were beautiful, today there is much more diversity to complement a wider variety of homes. Here at Soothing Walls we carry them in many sizes and styles so there is sure to be one you fall in love with.


There are few materials used in art that manage to look both strong and organic, but slate does exactly this. It offers gorgeous natural lines and patterns, and no two pieces are ever alike, so your water feature will truly be one of a kind. Not to mention, the sound that water makes as it cascades over slate is as close to a real waterfall as you are going to find.

Simple Yet Bold

You will notice that the styling of many of our slate water features is quite simple. This allows the material to be the main attraction. Many are nothing more than a straight slab that allows the water to cascade down the face into river rocks below. The simplicity is magical. If you feel you have too many straight edges in your room already, we have some that are simple but with graceful lines to help restore balance to your space. Our Curvature Slate Floor Fountain is a fantastic example, and the gorgeous coloring will look good practically anywhere.

Creative Design

If you have a simplistic environment and you are looking to turn things up a notch, we have slate floor fountains for you too! Although the material is still the main attraction, the addition of artistic design adds a little depth, which can make a huge difference in a space that is lacking texture. If this sounds like something you are interested in, our Plaza Floor Fountain might be perfect for you. A built in light in the basin casts a glow on the shimmering face and plant-shaped metal accent.

Regardless which slate floor water feature you choose, it will provide you with a long list of benefits. These are not just beautiful pieces of art; they are good for your health too. They turn any space into a soothing environment, which calms your nerves, relieves stress, and promotes better sleep quality. They all provide the air with a bit of needed moisture that is robbed by the furnace and air conditioning.