Sphere Outdoor Fountains

If you are unfamiliar with sphere outdoor fountains, you are not alone. The use of spheres paired up with other bold geometric shapes is considered quite modern. For this reason they are a popular pick with those decorating a contemporary space. Although simple in style, they manage to have a monumental impact on the space that they occupy.


Spheres are Beneficial and Unique

As if water features are not beneficial enough already, spheres take the benefits to a whole new level. If you look around your patio, deck, or pool area you probably notice a lot of sharp lines. This could be made up of slats of wood, tables, rugs, steps, windows of your home, etc. To have a perfectly balanced space that is comfortable and inviting you need to incorporate soft lines. This is where outdoor sphere fountains come in. A round element can completely transform the feel of your deck or patio without looking like you are trying too hard. You may even want to consider one that boasts a variety of curved lines. Our Drum Outdoor Fountain with Ball is a fantastic example. The base, drum, and sphere are all curved, which is sure to soften up even the heaviest space.

Since some of these water features are so simple they can complement nearly any décor or theme. Plus, many that we have here at Soothing Walls are available in a multitude of colors for optimal customization.


Like other water elements, these pieces will help to create a soothing and tranquil environment. Some allow water to cascade the way it would on the side of a rock face while others offer the sound and visual appeal of a bubbling brook. Some people prefer the appearance and sound of one over the other, but they are equally as beneficial.

One of these ball water features placed on your deck will create a strong focal point that outdoor spaces are often lacking. Alternatively, you could place one in your flower garden to create a magical display. The beautiful sound will also act as a noise barrier to help block out the dog barking next door or kids screaming a few houses down.

Also, since the styling is simple, you can easily pair them up with other fountain styles in the same space without creating conflict. For example, our Ball & Ring Outdoor Fountain would look as exceptional near an Asian fountain as it would a classic tiered variety..