Waterfall Outdoor Fountains

There are few elements in nature more breathtaking than a waterfall. Whether you are standing face to face with one boasting a 70-foot drop or if you stumble upon a small one releasing into a tiny stream while hiking on a nature trail, you really can't help but stop and marvel at its beauty. In many cases you can hear that soothing recognizable sound long before you even find the rock face. This is a natural wonder that you don't have to be an outdoor enthusiast to appreciate. For this reason, it only makes sense that manufacturers are creating beneficial pieces of art that are not only inspired by nature, but look natural too.


Waterfall outdoor fountains look and sound like the real thing. Since they do offer such a natural appeal, they can literally find their place anywhere and even be positioned near another water feature with a more defined theme. These are pieces that will transform your space into your very own tranquil oasis. Who needs a vacation when you can lay on your hammock and listen to cascading water? It will drown out neighborhood noise and soothe your mind and body.

When you browse our selection of waterfall fountains here at Soothing Walls you will quickly see that we have a large and rather diverse selection. Some offer the appearance of granite or stone while others look just like a tree trunk or log. You will also find that each piece offers a unique pattern in which the water flows. Some force the water to flow back and forth from left to right to left, etc. until it reached the bottom while others boast a straight flow of water from top to bottom. For a truly unique focal point, check out our Double Fall Waterfall that gives the illusion of two waterfalls that meet together in a body of water below. Like many of our other styles, this particular one also has LEDs. Not only do they provide a little needed light at night, they also highlight the gentle curves of the flowing water to help make it come to life.

Not Just for the Garden

When you browse our outdoor waterfall fountains you will probably immediately know which garden or flower bed you want to put one in. However, this style is not solely reserved to be surrounded by vibrant flowers and lush vegetation. These beneficial pieces of art can also be used on our deck, patio, or covered front porch. For example, our Mill Wheel Garden Fountain with LED Lights is a good example of one that will add a touch of charm wherever it is placed.