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Every home of any size really should have an indoor water feature. These breathtaking pieces of art are as beneficial as they are beautiful. Sure, you may be shopping for one purely to create a jaw-dropping focal point in your home, but you still reap all the fantastic benefits that it will provide. Here at Soothing Walls, we have an extensive collection of indoor fountains. So, whether you are looking for a floor, tabletop, or wall variety in nearly any size, material, or price range, you are sure to find the perfect one to complement your home here.


Floor - If you want to make a bold statement, you really cannot go wrong with a floor fountain. We carry both center and rear-mounted styles so you can choose one to rest against a wall or to be placed in a location where it can be admired from every angle. We also offer some that incorporate a dancing flame, such as our 8' Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain.

Wall - You don't need extra floor space to enjoy cascading water. Our wall water features are out-of-the-way of foot traffic and since they are mounted at eye level they can be enjoyed from any point in the room. We offer these in an array of sizes, and in horizontal and vertical varieties to accommodate a small, medium, or large wall.

• Tabletop - Even if you purchase a floor or wall variety, these are perfect to place in every room of your home for an added touch of tranquil elegance. Some people even choose to use these small styles as floor fountains. For example, our Campania Sphere Mini Series Fountain is so versatile it can be placed anywhere, even an apartment balcony.


Most people purchase indoor water features simply because they are exquisite pieces of art. However, as mentioned, they provide plenty of benefits. First, they are incredibly soothing. The sound and visual appearance of cascading water is relaxing. It can reduce anxiety and stress levels, which ultimately has a positive impact on your health. When placed in the bedroom they can help your mind relax so you fall asleep faster and reach a deeper sleep state so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Water elements also continuously add a bit of moisture to the air. This combats the dry air created by operating the air conditioning or furnace. This can help fight dry skin, dull hair, and a scratchy throat.

Lastly, the gentle sound the water makes as it falls to pebbles or river rocks below actually acts as a sound barrier. It is not loud or distracting by any means, but it can block out some of that outside noise that may be a little bothersome at times.

Indoor Fountains

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