Large Outdoor Fountains

Large Outdoor Fountains

Q. How will my fountain be delivered?

A. Large outdoor fountains are most often delivered by independent carriers. The carrier will contact you to arrange for a delivery time. You’ll need to be present to receive your fountain. In most cases delivery is curbside. Please make arrangements to move your fountain from the curb to its destination.

Q. Will your staff or the truck driver help me set up the fountain?

A. We do not install fountains. The delivery truck driver will unload your fountain unless otherwise noted in the product description. Some fountains require a forklift. Delivery people can not help with the setup. We recommend you hire a contractor to install your fountain. Large outdoor fountains are very heavy, weighing several hundred pounds.

Q. Will I need to hire a plumber or electrician?

A. You will not need a plumber. Water in fountains recirculates. You simply fill the basin, and the pump keeps the water moving. All our fountains require standard electrical outlets. As long as you have an outlet near the fountain, you don’t need to hire an electrician.

Q. What happens if the pump breaks?

A.  Pumps are easily removed and replaced. The pump sits in the water reservoir. If the pump motor fails, you will not need to take your fountain apart to replace the pump.

Q. What if I forget to refill the water in my fountain?

A. The pump may be damaged if the fountain runs dry. If you don’t want to replenish the water reservoir, contact our customer service department and ask about autofill systems.

Large Fountains Offer Oversized Appeal

Do you want to create a focal point for your garden? Does the entryway of your business need more pizzazz? A large outdoor water fountain makes an unforgettable impression. Choose a fountain from among our selection of traditional, modern and Asian-influenced styles.

Water Is a Classic Element of Garden Design

Flowing water is an essential element in both classical and Asian design. Installing a fountain is an easy way to incorporate moving water into an outdoor space. Manmade ponds and creeks are difficult to recreate, but one of our fountains can be set up in a matter of hours, or even minutes. Soon after it is delivered, you’ll be enjoying the sights and sounds of a water fountain.

Choose a Timeless Design

Do you prefer the look of natural stone? Most of our fountains are handcrafted from cast stone. The stone can be finished in a variety of treatments and colors. You can choose a fountain that mimics white marble, one that looks rustic and aged or one that features clean lines and a smooth finish.

Brace for Impact

A large fountain will become the centerpiece of any space. For maximum impact, consider a multi-tiered, illuminated fountain. Go all out with figures from classical Greece. For modern sensibilities, a spherical design fits the bill. You can choose a fountain that attaches to a wall, sits on the ground or includes a pool at the base.

Artistry Meets Durability

A large fountain is an investment. We only offer products made from high-quality materials by skilled artisans. Many of our fountains are unique because they are made by hand. We want to help you make the right choice so we offer colored stone samples for purchase.

Large Outdoor Fountains