Wall Fountains

Q: The fountain I am going to purchase is fairly heavy, do I need to prepare my wall for mounting the fountain?

A:  All of our fountains can be mounted on any existing wall. We will send you the necessary hardware and mounting bracket for your wall fountain.  If you have a stone wall or metal studs you will need to buy the appropriate hardware.  

Q:  Can I place the outlet behind the water wall?

A:  Some of the fountains we offer allow you to place an outlet behind the fountain so that no cords are shown. If you would like to pursue this option, please contact customer service so that we can verify the fountain you are purchasing can allow for this installation.  Not every fountain offered has this ability.

Q:  Do I need a special outlet for my wall water fountain?

A:  No.  Just a normal outlet is all you need.  Sometime we have clients that will connect a wall switch that controls the outlet for added convenience. 

Q:  Do I need a water source for my wall mounted water feature?

A:  No.  All of the wall fountains we sell are self contained and do not need a water source.  If you would like this option, please contact customer service so we can show you fountains that have this ability.

Q:  How often will I need to refill the water feature?

A:  Each location is different.  There are so many variables that effect the evaporation of the water in your fountain.  How often you run the fountain, if it is near a vent or window, your home or office's climate, etc.  After owning the fountain for a couple of weeks you should have a good idea how often you wil need to add water.

Wall fountains are perfect for establishing an air of serenity in any office or living space. They bring the calm feeling of nature indoors. Indoor Wall Fountains can add that sense of peace without taking up any space in fact, they can even make a room appear more spacious. They make an exquisite addition to any area. With wall fountains, you can enjoy the calming effects of water features every day. Imagine, you are in an office, between the intermittent sound of phones ringing and keyboards typing, there is a smooth, steady source of trickling water.

Indoor Wall Fountains are a great way to impress your guests

Whether it is too cold to be outside or even too hot, you can enjoy nature indoors with a beautiful wall fountain. In fact, our available large wall fountains come in options of elegant marble, as well as stunning mirror surfaces. They invoke a sense of connectedness with the natural world. The organic flowing of water provides and ambiance of tranquility; with positive ions, it even makes the air itself feel fresher. Indoor wall hanging fountains can help you relax at home, or can help your employees de-stress amidst the pressures of work. Art Wall Fountains can add a sense of intrigue to any room, providing a peaceful, elegant milieu—for a fraction of the price. 

Interior designers, entrepreneurs, and homeowners alike have recognized the extraordinary value of adding water features to a space. In addition to being stunningly beautiful, wall-mounted waterfalls are known to lower anxiety and promote overall well-being. Those who have invested in slate water walls regularly say that such features have quickly become their utmost cherished item in their home. They enhance relaxation and even promote healthy respiration by hydrating dry air, making it less harsh to breathe.

As a complement to our array of available indoor fountains, we have a wide variety of outdoor wall fountains available. Add a new level of depth to your garden with charming stone features and statues highlighted by the gentle cascade of fresh water.

In addition to our diverse portfolio of existing wall fountains, we also provide options for creating your very own custom water feature. Is there a particular type of surface you love, or a look you have been envisioning? We can make your dream a reality. We have a tremendous variety of materials, and excel at creating gorgeous water features to suit our customers’ unique tastes.

Wall Fountains

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